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WKRN News 2 Nashville Visits Complete Health Partners to Discuss COVID-19 Return-to-Work Consultations

Nashville urgent care offering back-to-work safety consulting, testing

Our team is proud to be working with Nashville businesses to test employees and help prepare offices for safe reopening.

Thank you, WKRN News 2, for sharing about our group testing and office consultation programs. For more information, visit

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – As Nashville prepares to get back to work Monday, safety is a top priority. One local urgent care has come up with a unique way to help businesses safely reopen.

“A lot of questions, ‘When can I safely return to work?’ Employers calling saying, ‘When is it safe for my employees to come back?’” Ty Babcock, physician and owner of Complete Urgent Care told News 2, “‘Where do their employees need to sit? How do they need to come in? Do they all need to come in at the same time or staggered shifts? Can we work half the staff one day and half another day?’”

Safely reopening looks a lot different for every business, especially with information changing so rapidly.

“The CDC just this week has now changed the length of time from symptom onset to safe return to 10 days and it was seven for the month proceeding before that,” Babcock explained.

Complete Urgent Care’s offering consulting for businesses including everything from best practices to on-site walk throughs.

“We’ve had a couple people even want us to come onsite to do a walk-thru of their facility to actually help them figure out what’s safe spacing for people in the lobby, their employees, what is safe in terms of break time and lunch time,” Babcock said.

With more testing kits available and working with local labs, they’re also offering to screen employees before they go back to work.

“To test all their employees in the same spot, either on-site or here at our tent. And provide them consistent information and help them kind of keep up with the updates,” Babcock said, “By and large, I think there’s an appropriate amount of caution now and it’s not driven so much by being afraid of the unknown as we started to see what shape this is taking.”

The urgent care is based in Nashville, but will help Davidson and surrounding counties if they can.

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