About Our Complete Health Model

With a combined 30 years of emergency medicine experience, Drs. Babcock, Hadley and Mickiewicz realized that the medical status quo was failing the patient.  They frequently saw patients utilizing the emergency room for easily treated illnesses and injuries simply because there weren’t urgent care or walk in clinics they could trust to treat their minor emergencies.  The Complete Health Partner physicians also saw patients in the ER with chronic illnesses who could not get appointments to see their primary care providers.  Patients could not always take time off from work to wait hours in a waiting room to get seen for prescription refills and basic medical management.  There had to be a better way.

The CHP physicians knew that if patients had access to high quality primary and urgent care with extended hours, they could avoid high ER bills and get treated in a fraction of the time.  So they decided to bring this care to life.  Complete Health Partners was born out of the desire to bring the medical relationship back – to stop the endless phone wait times, lack of appointments, and two minute interactions with providers.  We want to help patients get back to complete health and spend more of their time living.