Occupational medicine in Hendersonville

Occupational Medicine in Hendersonville and Nashville

Complete Health Partners Offers Occupational Medicine in Hendersonville and Nashville: Three ways your Business can Benefit

Every year there are work-related injuries that cost employers and individuals time, money, and productivity. Complete Health Partners (CHP) started offering Occupational Medicine in Hendersonville and Nashville for this reason. The idea was that employers could reduce workplace injuries, ensure their employees’ health so they miss less days, and have care provided to employees who sustain injuries in a way that doesn’t increase insurance premiums. When partnering with CHP to provide your Occupational Medicine needs, Hendersonville and Nashville employers and employees benefit from all of this and more.  

But first, what is Occupational Medicine?


Occupational Medicine is focused on ensuring the health, safety, and performance of workers. Occupational Medicine providers often wear many different hats. Some of these could include, understanding the processes and dangers in a specific work environment, treating worker’s comp injuries, understanding the laws and regulations of federal agencies, and promoting the overall health of employees. Occupational medicine bridges the gap between healthcare and businesses and works to create best possible outcomes for both employer and employee. Complete Health Partners offers occupational medicine services to Hendersonville and Nashville businesses to save them time, money, and keep their employees healthy.

Why do you need an Occupational Medicine Partner?


  1. Reduced costs because workplace injuries or illness

Working with an Occupational Medicine partner can help reduce costs due to workplace injuries or illnesses. When workplace injuries or illnesses happen, often employers will let the worker decide where they want to be treated, resulting in high costs for the employer and the individual. When working with Complete Health Partners, we understand the details of the employee’s workplace and how to properly care for the employee in a way that reduces costs for the employer. Occupational medicine providers are up to date with federal regulations and agency requirements such as OSHA and because of this, our providers can determine which treatments will benefit the employee and reduce OSHA reportables. When less injuries and illnesses are reported, employers won’t see rising insurance premiums, resulting in money saved.

  1. Improved productivity through fewer sick days

Complete Health Partners knows how important it is to keep your employees healthy so they can show up for work. When working with us as your Occupational Medicine partner, you can expect to see fewer sick days and increased productivity in your business. Our providers ensure this by offering employers pre-employment screenings, drug or alcohol testing, vaccination clinics, and by giving employees access to primary care. When partnering with our providers, your employees get care from someone who understands what their work conditions and requirements are. This background knowledge helps providers screen potential employees and create a plan to treat sick or injured employees efficiently, so they can return to work with little sick time taken.  

Complete Health Partners also provides primary care and telemedicine to your employees which can ensure their overall health and reduce the number of sick days taken. Primary care providers can manage your employee’s overall health by treating and managing chronic diseases, creating weight loss plans, providing smoking cessation, and regular checkups.

  1. Safer workplace environment

When working with an Occupational Medicine Provider at CHP, you can work directly with physicians that will evaluate your workplace conditions and check for any areas where potential injuries or illnesses could arise from. Physicians will work with employers to develop ongoing health screenings, or procedures employees should follow while working on the job. For example, if your employees are working in loud conditions daily, they may need audiometry screenings to ensure hearing protection is adequate or if there need to be any adjustments. Complete Health Partners works with employers to create specific health screenings and proper procedures depending on the conditions of your workplace.  

Complete Health Partner’s Occupational Medicine services helps businesses of all sizes

Complete Health Partners provides comprehensive occupational medicine services to businesses in Hendersonville and Nashville, so they can have peace of mind that their employees are healthy, and that their workplace is safe and productive. By choosing to partner with CHP for your Occupational Medicine needs, you won’t have to stress if an employee injury or illness takes place. CHP will care for employer and employee to create a win-win situation for your businesses. To learn more about our occupational medicine services visit: https://completehealthpartners.com/employee-health/

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