Complete Physicians Visit Innovative Express Care

Complete Physicians Visit Innovative Express Care:

Always seeking opportunities to bring the most cutting-edge medical practices to Nashville, the Complete Physicians spent a few days in Chicago this month learning about a unique new urgent care/primary care hybrid model clinic.  Dr. Babcock and Dr. Mickiewicz visited Innovative Express Care, owned and operated by Dr. Rahul Khare, and brought home many new insights into what we at Complete Health Partners can offer our patients.  

The urgent care/primary care hybrid model

Dr. Khare, also an emergency medicine physician, saw the same need for high quality urgent care and primary care in his Chicago neighborhood.  With so many people moving into the city without a healthcare provider, he initially opened as an urgent care walk-in clinic, but quickly realized that his patients needed primary care to follow their medical conditions and to ensure overall health and wellness.  He brought in primary care providers who could treat his patient’s chronic conditions and to ensure follow up after their urgent care visits. He has since added additional service lines based on patient needs.  

Services offered

Innovative Express Care offers many of the same walk-in clinic services Complete Health Partners offers: onsite labs and x-ray, quick and convenient STD testing, flu shots, sports physicals, and of course, treatment for common illnesses such as bronchitis, pneumonia, infections and the flu.  

Technology in medicine

A major insight the Complete Physicians took away from their visit to Innovative Express Care was the importance of incorporating technology into every aspect of the patient experience.  By offering convenient digital registration for his urgent care and primary care patients, Dr. Khare has stream-lined visits so that patients spend the majority of their time with their medical provider, not filling out forms in a waiting room.  His patients have access to online scheduling as well as a patient portal where they can review their lab tests and medical records.  

The digital clinic

Complete Health Partners is proud to be one of Nashville’s first “digital clinics” – a clinic where clipboards and endless forms are traded for easy online appointments, registration, and medical records.  With a shared medical record for urgent care and primary care visits, Complete Health Partners can serve as a true medical home for our patients.  We are proud to serve patients from all over Nashville – from Green Hills to the Gulch and from Bellevue to Ashland City – and we would be honored to serve your family for your urgent care, primary care or sports medicine needs.  

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