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Complete Health Partners acquires 3rd and Church Health clinic downtown

Complete Health Partners acquires 3rd and Church Health clinic downtown

Services available include primary care, urgent care and curbside COVID-19 testing

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (Sept. 2, 2020) – Complete Health Partners, a locally-owned healthcare clinic operated by a team of ER-trained physicians, has acquired the 3rd and Church Healthcare clinic in downtown Nashville and has reopened the facility with expanded service offerings.

Complete Health Partners now operates two clinics in Nashville, which offer primary care, urgent care, employee health and curbside COVID-19 testing. Complete Health Partner’s flagship location opened in the Nashville West shopping area in the fall of 2018. Services have expanded since the opening of the main location to include sports medicine and counseling services.

“Our ‘complete health’ model is based on our ownership team’s combined 30 years of emergency medicine experience, where we saw too many patients seeking care in the ER due to a lack of access to readily-available primary care or trusted urgent care,” said Dr. Ty Babcock, managing partner of Complete Health Partners. “The need to alleviate unnecessary patient burdens on our hospitals has never been greater.”

“We began exploring the idea of expanding our presence with a second location at the beginning of the year. The pandemic forced us to pause on those plans as we redesigned our entire service-delivery model to adapt to the safety needs of our patients and employees. We now feel confident in the new ways that we’re delivering care to our patients, and we’re excited to expand our service reach into the downtown area,” Dr. Babcock said.

Complete Health Partners pivoted its services quickly when the pandemic started in March, becoming one of the first private healthcare providers in Nashville to offer curbside COVID-19 evaluation and testing. Patients with respiratory illnesses can now be evaluated and treated curbside at both locations, which gives patients with COVID-19-related symptoms access to quality medical care while allowing other patients to safely seek treatment inside the clinics. Complete Health Partners also started offering telemedicine and house calls for those who feel more comfortable receiving care or testing in their own home.

The 3rd and Church Healthcare clinic operated in downtown Nashville for 11 years by owner Jason Boylan, a board-certified family nurse practitioner. In addition to transferring ownership and operation of the clinic, Boylan has joined the staff of Complete Health Partners.

“I’ve seen firsthand how much the owners and staff of Complete Health Partners care about the wellbeing of their patients — that same personalized care has always set 3rd and Church apart, as well,” Boylan said. “I chose to operate my own clinic for more than a decade because I believe in the value of patient-provider relationships where patients’ needs are met on a personal and individual level. I know the team at Complete Health Partners shares this value. Through this acquisition, I can continue to offer the quality healthcare my patients need and deserve.”

Complete Health Partners at 3rd and Church will be open 5 days a week with online appointment booking. Hours of operation will be Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Urgent care is available on a walk-in basis. However, the use of Complete Health Partners’ online appointment booking system is strongly encouraged to reduce wait times.

Through its curbside care, Complete Health Partners offers a variety of COVID-19 testing options, including rapid PCR and antibody testing. Staff evaluate each patient’s symptoms and exposure risks to determine the best testing and treatment options, including for other illnesses that exhibit similar symptoms as COVID-19. The rapid PCR tests offered by Complete Health Partners have the same reliability as the PCR tests sent off to the lab, but with results in the clinic in about 30 minutes. The rapid PCR is available only at the downtown location for a cash pay rate of $250.

Complete Health Partners also offers a workplace consultation program for employers who want help keeping employees and customers safe during the pandemic. Services are custom-designed based on individual business needs and can include initial COVID-19 testing, ongoing testing/health management, and business walk-throughs to advise on employee spacing and other changes to the company’s business delivery model.

More information about the services offered by Complete Health Partner can be found online at

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