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Women’s Health – Finding The Right PCP For You

Hooray for warm weather! We at Complete Health Partners are just as excited as you for the summer season to begin. And right in time for “swimsuit season” is a time to focus on women’s health.  Did you know that May is Women’s Health Month?  We often think of October for women’s health, however October’s focus is on the annual breast exam and mammogram.  May is for ALL of women’s health – annual physicals, well-woman exams (including that Pap smear!), overall wellness, and taking care of those little problems that have been nagging you all year. Establishing care with a primary care provider is a perfect way to start managing your overall health – and a great way to celebrate Women’s Health Month.

Why Do I Need Primary Care?

A primary care provider, or PCP, allows you to have continuity of care with your health. A PCP is someone who knows your medical and social history, knows you as an individual, and is able to better care for your medical needs than someone you just met at an urgent care or walk in clinic. Your PCP tracks your health over a period of time, and can identify when big changes have occurred. They are your point person when you need a referral and your cheerleader as your health improves from an illness. 

Most Common Conditions In Women Identified Through Primary Care

There are many conditions managed by a primary care provider, however there are few unique to women that may present during an annual physical exam or when establishing care with a PCP.  In my experience with women’s primary care, some of the most important issues identified through regular primary care visits are:

  • high blood pressure
  • unhealthy weight
  • anxiety
  • iron deficiency anemia
  • high cholesterol
  • abnormal pap smears

And for the most part, with regular primary care visits, women can get these issues under control and take back their health!  From lifestyle changes like diet and exercise to stress management or counseling to adding a medication when needed, there are many important components of health management that a PCP can help you implement. At Complete Health Partners Primary Care, our focus is helping patients achieve wellness – not just starting as many medications as possible. We consider it a huge success when we get to take a patient OFF a medication or strike a diagnosis off a patient’s chart!  

What If I Need A Specialist? 

Through primary care women can get the information and referrals they need to visit a specialist. Whether stomach issues require a trip to the GI doctor or recurrent allergies or sinus infections warrant a consult with an allergist, your primary care provider can help you determine when a specialist visit is needed and make the referral to ensure insurance coverage.  And because Complete Health Partners is not affiliated with one hospital system, we will refer you to the best providers – not just the ones who need appointments booked.  

How To Find The Right PCP For YOU

There are many factors to consider when choosing a PCP.  Here are the most common questions we get when new patients are considering our primary care practice: 

Most importantly, as many of my patients have commented, is that you find a PCP whom you trust. You should feel safe with with your PCP and know they care for you. You should be able to engage them in conversation about all aspects of your health and not feel judged or afraid to share the most personal details. Primary care is a two-way street, and any decisions have to be made together if they’re going to be implemented. 

Should you want to learn more about our primary care providers in Nashville, visit our primary care page. It’s an honor to care for the women of Nashville, and I hope you will take the next step in managing your health by establishing care with a primary care provider!

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