WKRN Visits Complete Health Partners to Discuss COVID-19 Preparations

Our team is working hard, rain or shine, to continue to provide expert urgent care & primary care to our Nashville neighbors during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We offer curbside service for all patients with respiratory symptoms so our waiting room can be reserved for those with other medical needs such as stitches, x-rays and non-respiratory illness.

And starting March 26th, we will have the option to book telemedicine video visits with our trusted, local urgent care and primary care providers, so you can choose the best way for you to care for your health while social distancing!

Need a new primary care provider? We have 3 accepting new patients and ready to care for you both virtually and in-person!

Thank you for sharing what we are doing, WKRN News 2 – we are proud to be Nashville’s locally-owned & operated urgent care and primary care clinic!

For more info, visit our website at https://completehealthpartners.com/

COVID-19 Nashville Urgent Care

Here is the full story from WKRN:

NASHVILLLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Urgent care facilities are on the frontlines of the response to the COVID-19 pandemic, whether they are ready or not.

Complete Health Partners in West Nashville said many of their doctors are trained in planning for a situation like this. Any patient who thinks they have COVID-19 must do curbside check-in and complete paperwork in their car to protect healthier patients and staff in the lobby.

Like many hospitals and doctor’s offices, they are running very low on masks and have a short supply of coronavirus tests, so the staff needs to be selective.

“One of our providers goes out and sees them in their car, if there are any swabs or testing that might be needed, if they are sick enough to need a chest X-ray or maybe a little more in-depth exam. They are masked and brought in through a side door into two specific rooms we are using for our potential COVID rooms that are cleaned with disinfectant each time in between each patient,” explained owner Dr. Ty Babcock.

The facility has two specific rooms they are using for potential COVID-19 patients. And so far, they have only had one patient test positive.

“It was a case where the patient was reasonably sure they had it when we tested them. It was early on, and it was one of the ones we sent to the state for testing before the private lab was available.  It came back positive, I called the patient, who was already feeling better, the patient was already in contact with the state and they were isolating the patient’s family, contacts and that sort of thing,” said Dr. Babcock.

Dr. Babcock said patient volume is low because people who would come in to be treated for a minor case are choosing to wait it out at home. Click here to learn more.

To watch the full story on the WKRN website, click here.

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