The Importance of an Annual Physical for Women

The Importance of an Annual Physical for Women

This Women’s History Month, we want to highlight how important it is for women to get a routine physical exam. Despite 92% of people believing a yearly head-to-toe checkup is vital, many put off getting these checkups. This blog post will discuss the different components of a physical exam and why they’re essential. We’ll also highlight the importance of preventive care for women and why more than just a pap smear is necessary for optimal health.

What is included in a physical exam? A physical exam is a comprehensive evaluation of a person’s health and consists of reviewing the individual’s medical history, current symptoms, and family history. Doctors will also perform a physical examination, including checking vital signs such as blood pressure, temperature, and heart rate. They will also listen to the lungs and heart and examine the skin, hair, and nails. If necessary, the doctor may also order blood tests or imaging studies to get a better picture of the patient’s health.

The purpose of a physical exam is to identify and treat any potential health problems and to provide preventive care. The physical exam is also a chance for the physician to discuss healthy lifestyle choices, whether that may be losing weight, eating better, or getting more sleep. Many conditions can be caught early through a physical exam, including heart disease, cancer, and diabetes, improving the patient’s ability to live a long and fulfilling life if they seek treatment sooner.

The Value of Physical Exams for Women

While a physical exam should be a regular priority for everyone, women need to be especially vigilant about preventive care, as they are at a higher risk for some conditions than men. For example, women are more likely to develop osteoporosis and certain types of cancer. Additionally, women are also just as likely as men to develop heart conditions, although they typically appear later on in life.

In honor of Women’s History Month, it’s essential to reflect on the importance of preventive care for women. Too often, women put their health last, focusing on the needs of their families and loved ones. While this is admirable, it’s also essential that women take care of themselves first and foremost so that they can continue to enjoy the things they love to do and get the most out of their lives. A regular annual physical is one vital way to do this.

Women have unique health needs, and although an OB/GYN covers important issues associated with sexual issues and reproductive health, other areas of physical health must also be considered, including weight, diabetes management, and cardiac health.  Too often, women view their annual pap smear as the only necessary yearly physical.

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It’s important to remember that not all health problems have symptoms. That’s why it’s critical to get a regular physical exam, which can help identify any issues before they become serious. Annual physicals are also an excellent opportunity to talk to your doctor about any health concerns you may have. If you’re overdue for your annual physical, now is the time to book an appointment with your primary care physician.

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