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Three Signs it’s Time to See an Orthopedic Doctor in Hendersonville

Almost all individuals experience joint pain during their life. This could be due to a sports injury, physical activity, age, and many other reasons. When joint pain becomes persistent, patients begin to wonder where they can turn. Complete Health Partners non-operative orthopedics and sports medicine program was created for this exact reason. An orthopedist is like a primary care provider but specializes in injuries and pain management that deals with the bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, and nerves. Here are three signs that it’s time to book an appointment with Complete Health Partner’s non-surgical orthopedic doctor in Hendersonville.

1. You’re experiencing persistent pain when walking 

Are your daily tasks interrupted by pain? If you’re experiencing persistent pain while walking, it’s time to see an orthopedist. An orthopedist can get to the bottom of why you’re experiencing pain and offer solutions to treat it. Not all orthopedic injuries require surgery, and our non surgical orthopedic doctor can recommend several different conservative treatment options before referring you for surgery. 

2. You have hip or knee pain when standing up 

A common issue seen amongst orthopedic patients is hip and knee pain. This kind of pain can arise from injuries, overuse, and even age. When you begin experiencing pain in the hip or knee when standing up, it’s a good time to speak to an orthopedic doctor. Getting ahead of pain will give you the best chance to treat it. Orthopedists treat with hip and knee injuries frequently and our orthopedic doctor in Hendersonville will work with you directly to treat and manage your pain in the most effective way. 

3. You’ve been injured and see no signs of healing 

Whether you twisted an ankle walking down the stairs or endured an arm injury while playing sports, if you find that the pain is getting worse, it’s time to see an orthopedist. Seeing an orthopedist for an injury can ensure that you get the proper treatment and plan to heal your injury so you can return to your regular physical activity. Our orthopedic doctor can also provide sports physicals and return to play letters if needed. 

Looking for an Orthopedic Doctor in Hendersonville or Nashville? 

Complete Health Partners is proud to offer an extensive sports medicine program with David Neblett, MD who specializes in nonsurgical orthopedics. Finding an orthopedic doctor in Hendersonville is easy because CHP never double books appointments—meaning you can get the care you need without waiting months for an appointment. Dr. Neblett provides many advanced nonsurgical treatments for orthopedic or sports injuries including ultrasound-guided joint injections, osteoporosis diagnosis & management, arthrocentesis, fracture-management, and more. Should surgery be warranted, we are not tied to one hospital system. We simply refer to the best. Visit: https://completehealthpartners.com/nashville-sports-medicine/ to learn more about our orthopedic doctor in Hendersonville. 

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