Concussion Testing Nashville & Hendersonville

Complete Health Partners Now Offering Concussion Baseline & Post-Injury Testing in Nashville & Hendersonville

Complete Health Partners is frequently looking for ways to give you more peace of mind when it comes to your kids health and safety. For this reason, we’re excited to announce we have added baseline & post-injury concussion testing in our Nashville & Hendersonville urgent care clinics. Baseline concussion testing will now be included in every youth sports physical, equipping you with a powerful tool in the event that your child suffers a head injury. Read on to learn about concussion testing in our Nashville & Hendersonville walk in clinics, and how they will benefit your athlete.

What is the Purpose of Concussion Testing?

Concussion testing represents a comprehensive evaluation designed to establish an individual’s baseline cognitive function before any potential head injury occurs. This baseline serves as a reference point for healthcare professionals, enabling them to accurately assess post-injury cognitive changes and tailor appropriate care plans. As a proactive measure, concussion testing not only enhances our understanding of brain health but also empowers individuals with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions in the face of head injuries.

How Does the Concussion Test Work?

Concussion testing is a simple computerized test that tests cognitive functions such as memory, focus and concentration. The baseline test is a take-home test that patients can perform at their convenience, it will establish the patients “normal” cognitive function, creating a baseline for medical providers to compare to an individuals post-injury concussion test. A post-injury concussion test is the same computerized test as the baseline test, which will record patients cognitive function after a head injury has occurred. Your provider will use both tests to diagnose and create treatment plans for patients guiding you from injury to recovery.

Complete Health Partners Concussion Testing

Concussion testing in our Nashville & Hendersonville clinics are available with every youth sports physical and can be booked through our urgent care, or patients can simply walk in. Concussion testing at Complete Health Partners(CHP) offers follow up care from our concussion specialist, board-certified sports medicine physician, David Neblett, MD. With this expert care, your athlete will be guided along the way from injury to recovery, assistance with referrals if needed, and return-to-play decisions. CHP is open 7 days a week in Nashville & Hendersonville, click here to get started booking:

Nashville Area Clinics     

Nashville West Clinic    

6749 Charlotte Pike, Nashville, TN 37209   


9am – 7pm, 7 days a week    

Hendersonville Clinic    

166 E Main Street, Hendersonville, TN 37075   


9am – 7pm, 7 Days a week


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