COVID-19 Testing in Nashville
Now with Three Area Urgent Care Clinics to Better Serve You

COVID Testing in Nashville, TN

To book an urgent care visit including a COVID-19 test, please select one our locations below and complete digital registration prior to arrival.

Nashville COVID testing urgent care

In order to better serve you, our West Nashville COVID-19 testing has moved from our curbside tent location to our West Nashville Clinic location. 

This is across the street and one block up from Complete Health Partners curbside testing tent. 
Our urgent care providers will still evaluate and treat all patients at this location – this is an urgent care visit, not a state-sponsored test.  We can also provide more in-depth evaluation/treatment, should it be warranted (ie: a chest X-Ray or EKG). 


Visit One of Our Three Nashville Locations:

Complete Health Partners at Hendersonville, TN
We're moving to our permanent Hendersonville home! Starting February 18th, Please visit us at 166 East Main Steet.

Testing for COVID-19 Coronavirus in Nashville FAQ

Our urgent care clinics now offer four options of COVID-19 tests for active COVID-19 infections as well as IgG serum antibody tests to identify previous exposure to COVID-19. 

Test Options for Active Infections:

  1. RT-PCR lab-sent nasal swab tests: At this time our contracted labs can currently process COVID-19 tests in 1-3 days.  
  2. Lab-based molecular test: For more information: EUA203087 Quidel Letter of Authorization 122320 and click here for FDA Patient Fact Sheet
  3. Rapid combined COVID/FLU antigen test with 30 minute results for patients with upper respiratory symptoms.  One test, two results.  
  4. Travel/Return to Work Evaluation Package with Rapid PCR COVID Test, please click here. 

All of these tests are performed via urgent care visits with our expert urgent care providers.  Patients will be notified of results as soon as results are available.

Every patient who visits Complete Health Partners for COVID-19 testing is seen and evaluated by an urgent care provider to determine the best course of action for evaluation and treatment of their symptoms or exposure. Signs and symptoms of COVID-19 can be the same as signs of other concerning medical conditions such as heart attacks, pulmonary embolisms, and other respiratory illnesses.  Every patient’s care is unique and your urgent care provider will work with you to determine your testing needs. We can also provide more in-depth evaluation such as a chest x-ray or EKG, should it be warranted.