COVID-19 Solutions for Film, Video & Photo Productions​

Our Nashville-based team can travel to your set location to complete pre-production testing as well as COVID compliance for film, video and photo shoots.  Click below to submit our new client intake form.

Complete Health Partners is pleased to work with film, video and photo productions to develop COVID-19 solutions and execute plans to bring crew and performers back to work safely.

Our board-certified emergency medicine physicians will work with your team to develop a custom-designed COVID-19 production set program to best protect your actors and crew. Plans can include initial testing, long-term testing & health management as well as in-person workplace consultations. Since April we have been working with production teams to provide testing, direct health management, and to answer urgent questions for events and film productions.  Let us care for your production - contact us today to learn more.

Services Offered:

  • COVID-19 Testing
    • Rapid PCR wit 30-45 minute result
    • Traditional Lab-Sent RT-PCR Nasal Swab Lab Testing with quick turnaround
    •  Antigen testing with 15 minute result
    • Antibody Testing
  • COVID-19 Compliance Officers (CCOs)
  • Guidance on SAG & CDC Recommendations for Return-to-Work for those Who Test Positive
  • Set Walkthroughs/Consultations
  • Service Delivery Recommendations
  •  Please See Our Employee Health Page for More Information about other Employee Health Options from Complete Health Partners

Michael Lohmann

Executive Producer of Women of the Movement

"Time and money are on the line every day during a film production. The Complete Health Partners team created a testing protocol that was in compliance with the SAG Return to Work Agreement, headed the formation of the Health & Safety Department, provided medical direction and staffing for COVID compliance as well as testing and interfacing with our cast and crew members to form a seamless alliance with production that identified anyone with a positive case of COVID-19 before they were able to spread it to others. We avoided costly shut downs that have burdened so many other film productions, and most importantly, we kept our people healthy and safe"

Complete Health Partners COVID-19 Business Solutions & Employee Testing

Keeping your team safe in the era of COVID-19 is hard enough. Managing the ever-changing new rules and regulations from health authorities can feel daunting, and determining what to do when a team member exhibits COVID symptoms or tests positive is more than most business owners are prepared to do. You didn’t go to medical school, but we did.

We believe that every business deserves access to expert health information and management to protect their team and those who wish to do business with them. That’s why our board certified emergency room physicians are here to provide testing and care for businesses in Nashville. We offer custom-designed plans to test, direct care, and answer your questions so that you can reopen your business with confidence.

How We Help
When you have a complete picture of your team’s COVID-19 status, you can staff your business appropriately, bring staff back to work at the right time, and follow health regulations allowing you to avoid unnecessary closures or exposing your staff to illness. Because we manage the entire process & provide you with clear information, you don’t have to worry about the details. Here are some of the options for our custom COVID-19 business solutions plans:

1. Our team will work with you to initiate convenient group testing to ensure your team is returning back to work healthy. We offer lab-based and/or rapid PCR nasal swab testing to identify active infections as well as antibody testing to determine previous exposure to COVID-19.

2. We will provide ongoing testing, telemedicine appointments and in-person visits should someone on your team require medical care. Should follow-up testing be required or you experience a workplace infection or exposure, our team will be ready to test exposed staff quickly and get you the answers you need to reopen.

3. Our physician-led team will visit your workplace to offer insights in improving service delivery, cleaning protocols and process improvement to help prevent staff and customer infection or spread.

About Complete Health Partners

About Complete Health Partners Employee Health
Our Complete Health model is the perfect healthcare partner for businesses of any size. We offer urgent care directed by board certified emergency room physicians 7 days a week from 9am until 7pm as well as expert primary care with after-hours and weekend appointment options. The recent addition of our double board certified sports medicine physician rounds our our team with non-operative orthopedic management and long-term fracture management. The Complete Health Partners team can manage most everyday healthcare to ensure your employees are ready for work, staying healthy and have access to skilled providers when injuries happen. Our goal is to keep our patients healthy and avoid unnecessary trips to the emergency room.

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